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Bekaa Solar Pump 2018 - Harnessing Solar Energy for Agricultural Irrigation

Solarcom Energy was approached by a farming cooperative in the Bekaa Valley in 2018 to provide a clean energy solution for their irrigation needs. The cooperative was previously using a diesel-powered water pump to irrigate their crops, which was not only costly but also harmful to the environment.

Our team at Solarcom Energy suggested the installation of a solar-powered water pump system, which would not only reduce the cooperative’s environmental footprint but also provide significant cost savings in the long run.

The scope of work for the Bekaa Solar Pump project included the installation of a 15 kW solar panel system, a 7.5 kW solar water pump, and a 45 kWh lithium battery bank to store excess energy. Our team faced several challenges during the installation process, including limited space and difficult terrain.

To overcome these challenges, we implemented innovative solutions such as custom-designed mounting structures and underground piping to optimize space and ensure a smooth irrigation process. Our team also provided training for the cooperative’s staff on how to operate and maintain the solar pump system.

The solar pump system has been successfully providing the cooperative with clean and reliable energy for their irrigation needs since its installation. The cooperative has reported significant cost savings, as they no longer need to purchase diesel fuel for their water pump. Additionally, the solar pump system has reduced the cooperative’s carbon footprint, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for their agricultural needs.

One of the satisfied cooperative members stated, “We are very satisfied with the solar pump system installed by Solarcom Energy. It has significantly reduced our operating costs and has proven to be a reliable and sustainable solution for our agricultural needs.”

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