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TBB Inverter Charger Kinergier Pro 8kw

Bi-directional Inverter

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The Kinergier Pro is a highly versatile and efficient bi-directional inverter that excels in delivering reliable power. With a transfer speed of typically 0ms and a maximum of less than 2ms, it offers seamless and uninterrupted operation, making it suitable for UPS-class applications. This inverter supports AC coupling systems, DC coupling systems, and solar hybrid systems, providing flexibility and compatibility with different system configurations.

Equipped with parallel and three-phase capability, the Kinergier Pro allows up to 9 units to operate in parallel, enabling scalable and expandable power solutions. It can be effectively utilized for self-consumption systems, allowing surplus energy to be fed back to the grid, maximizing energy utilization and reducing reliance on external power sources. The Power Assist and Power Control features further enhance its performance, ensuring optimal power management and control.

The Kinergier Pro exhibits exceptional overload capability, making it capable of handling all kinds of inductive loads. With a harmonic distortion of less than 2%, it delivers clean and stable power output, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the smooth operation of connected devices. Its high efficiency, reaching up to 96%, ensures efficient energy conversion, maximizing the utilization of solar power.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Kinergier Pro boasts extremely low standby power consumption, minimizing energy wastage and contributing to overall energy savings. It incorporates the TBB premium II battery charging management system and features built-in battery SOC estimation, optimizing battery performance and enhancing system efficiency. The inverter also offers two programmable AC outputs, allowing for smart load management and customized power distribution.

With built-in AGS (Automatic Generator Start), the Kinergier Pro provides additional flexibility and convenience in power management, seamlessly integrating with backup generators. It is fully programmable, empowering users to customize and adapt the inverter’s settings to meet their specific requirements. Remote monitoring and control capabilities enable users to conveniently access and manage the inverter’s performance and settings remotely. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty and equipped with WIFI connectivity, the Kinergier Pro ensures reliability, peace of mind, and easy connectivity for a superior user experience.


  • Typical 0ms UPS class transfer speed, max<2ms.
  • Support AC Coupling system, DC Coupling system, and solar Hybrid system.
  • Parallel and three-phase capability, up to 9 units can be operated in parallel.
  • Can be used for self-consumption system support feedback to the grid.
  • Power assist& Power Control
  • Outstanding overload capability for all kinds of inductive loads.
  • Harmonic distortion<2%.
  • High efficiency up to 96%.
  • Extremely low-status consumption power.
  • TBB premium II battery charging management.
  • With built-in battery SOC estimation.
  • Two programmable AC outputs for smart load management.
  • Built-in AGS.
  • Fully programmable.
  • Remote monitoring and control.
  • (5 years manufacturer warranty with WIFI)

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